Xerox has unveiled its new production press, Iridesse, that adds metallic enhancements to four-colour print jobs in a single pass.

There is something new happening in the printing market, says Chris Lynch, head of production technology for Xerox Middle East and Africa.

Typically printers focus on cost optimisation and better productivity to enable loner runs with improved margins to create competitive cost advantage.

Other printers aim to add value by using different substrates improving quality or enhancement, Lynch explains.

“In the digital world, there are some clear advantages from print on demand and personalisation that were not possible with traditional offset litho.”

The new Iridesse is able to support both a value=added and cost-driven strategy he says.

“The technology lets us go faster, print more, reduce waste to get better production flow and cost-effectiveness. But at the same time we are able to enhance and embellish the print output that lets printers differentiate themselves.

“As strategies go, being someone that can offer the same as everyone else is not a recipe for long-term success,” he adds.

“However, standing out, doing things differently can help to drive new markets, new opportunities and better profits.”

Print customers want to draw attention to their brand and differentiate from others. “This product will help you to do that,” Lynch says.

The key technology behind Iridesse is CMYK+ – what Xerox describes as going beyond four colours, Lynch explains.

“Research shows that the need to do more than just four-colour printing resonates with customers. It is believed that CMYK+ will grow faster than CMYK itself.”

By embellishing print, providers can command enhanced profits too – up to 400%, Lynch says. “So there are huge profits and revenues to be had, as well as the cost saving.”

Up to 80% of print providers say they will investing in this type of technology, because customers are willing to pay a premium of up to 89% for embellished work.

In fact, not only are printers planning to buy this technology, more than half are planning to invest this year.

The new technology offers a great opportunity,” Lynch adds.

Iridesse can adds metallic lustre to a print job by laying down an undercoat beneath the CMYK printing. This is not done in the traditional way as a fifth colour, but in a single run with perfect registration.

It also includes a range of finishing options like foiling using digital metallic dry inks, or picking out elements with UV clear dry ink for cost-effective and fast embellishments.

Importantly, Xerox also offers the tools that let designers add effects so they can be printed easily on the Iridesse – either at source or at the print server itself.