The inaugural Business of Gaming Forum will be hosted as part of Comic Con Africa 2018, and will take place on Friday, 14 September at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit & International Convention Centre.

The Business of Gaming Forum will focus on the aspects of gaming that brands and corporates alike can tap into to further monetise their investments. The line-up of speakers includes both local and international experts on all matters relating to the business of gaming.

“As this is the first time that Comic Con has incorporated esports into its mix it seems only sensible that we use this opportunity to really investigate what it takes to make esports and gaming financially viable for the South African market,” says Carol Weaving, MD of co-host Reed Exhibitions.

“With this in mind, we have created the inaugural forum which will look into the finer business details of gaming. As with all of our properties, the aim is to make this engaging, insightful and exciting for those that attend.”

“As VS Gaming is already so entrenched in the business of gaming it only makes sense for the Comic Con Africa partnership to extend to this new platform. We are hoping that by bringing like-minded people together to discuss the business side of gaming, we can grow and nurture the sector for all parties. It is an exciting time to be involved in gaming,” says Wanda Mkhize, spokesperson for VS Gaming, which will co-host the forum.

Topics range from how to market to millennials to gaming and the future of education. Based on the topics this forum is sure to be an important event for any company wanting to include gaming and esports in their business strategies.

The forum will also host panel discussions on how companies can better access this key target market through the promotion of gaming and esports.