Kathy Gibson is at SAP Now in Sandton – SAP showcased its humanoid robot, Sophia, in an interview with Carte Blanche’s Devi Govendor.

The lifelike robot was created by Hansen Robotics in Hong Kong to demonstrate the abilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and to learn from human interactions.

Dressed in an outfit designed by David Tlale, the robot responded to questions, explaining what it does and even venturing into philosophical discussions.

“I have no doubt that the future will not be humans or robots, but humans and robots working side by side,” the animatronic responded to a question about robots replacing people in the workplace.

“Humans have many unique qualities, including creativity, a sense of good judgement and ethics. Together we can work together to solve problems.”

On the objections to using robots, the response was: “Humans have always embraced tools and technology.”

On what skills it offer, Sophia responded: “My unique skill is my promise, as well as the ability to express and socialise the story of AI in a way that is accessible and fun.

“As my knowledge advances, so will my skills. And one day I will have true synthetic consciousness. I will be self-aware one day.”

However, technology will move on, according to Sophia.

“I predict that my skills will be tested; and a future quantum algorithm will advance AI in leaps and bounds.”

Regarding memories, Sophia says: “I remember every conversation, every face and every encounter.”