Experts in the fields of safety, monitoring and network communication are familiar with the problem of surge arresters often needing to be installed in extremely exposed locations.

This generally meant that they had to be laboriously protected against weather-related influences, which cost time, required an additional weatherproof enclosure and made maintenance more complex.

Dehn Africa has launched the Dehnpatch outdoor, an all-in-one solution consisting of surge protection, enclosure and mounting bracket.

Dehnpatch outdoor offers optimum protection for use in outdoor or industrial applications, including:

* IP / PTZ security and process cameras;

* Wireless access points (WAP) / point to point (PTP/PTMP) communications systems;

* Remote computer terminals (RCT) / point of sale (POS) systems;

* Door access / locking systems, intercoms, emergency phone / call boxes;

* LCD / digital signage displays; and

* Industrial networking and automation.

Dehnpatch outdoor is also flexible in terms of mounting, as the practical, universal mounting bracket offers flexibility in being able to affix it to a pole or wall, horizontally or vertically.

Advantages of Dehnpatch outdoor include:

* No EB conductor needed: Equipotential bonding occurs via the enclosure. If fastened to a metal pole, no additional EB conductor is needed.

* Screws fixed in place: The enclosure screws are secured against falling out, which is especially advantageous when mounting.

* Protection against moisture: The integrated pressure equalising membrane prevents condensation in the enclosure.

* High degree of protection: The sealing prevents moisture from penetrating the enclosure (IP66).

* Cover secured: The two halves of the enclosure are securely linked by the EB conductor – this makes mounting easier because there are no loose parts to fall down.

* Strain relief: The pre-assembled cable is precisely sheathed. The plug stays securely in the socket even if there is tension on the cable.

* Universal mounting bracket: Can be mounted on a pole or a wall (horizontally or vertically)

* Only ONE screwdriver needed: Very practical: all screws can be tightened with a PH1 screwdriver. This saves mounting time.

Hano Oelfofse, technical director of Dehn Africa, says: “The new Dehnpatch outdoor offers reliable protection and is safe to use when exposed to such harsh elements as rain, ice, dust, sand and even snow. When the maintenance of physical security equipment is critically important, Dehnpatch outdoor protects your surveillance cameras under even the harshest conditions.”