UApp, a South Africa-created application intended to operate as a ‘one stop shop’ for the young person who is battling with academic and career choices has been selected to participate in the The ITU Telecom World Awards.

The awards, which will be taking place from 10-11 September 2018 in Durban provide a global platform for major industry players, tech SMEs, countries and organizations.

“UApp is truly grateful for the opportunities that Standard Bank has exposed us to thus far and we look forward to a continued relationship with them. We hope that our journey and story can inspire other potential entrepreneurs to take charge and dive into their goals and aspirations,” says Rumbidzai Zawu, co-founder and chief operations officer at UApp.

The ITU Telecom World Awards provide international visibility for innovative ICT products, technologies and solutions.

Standard Bank, through it Entrepreneur Development Sector, has provided UApp with incubator workshops, exposure to potential investors through competitions, and partnered with corporate investors to fund the development and advancement of UApp.

“Standard Bank was given the opportunity to nominate some of the small businesses that they are currently supporting to enter the awards, and UApp was selected among those businesses,” says Zawu.

The ITU Telecom World Awards is a leading international platform for influential figures from government and industry to connect with tech SMEs and entrepreneurs. Getting the opportunity to exhibit and explore common challenges, partnership solutions, and investment opportunities provides great exposure.

“Being able to share ideas and best practices with other entrepreneurs on an international platform is an incomparable experience that any small business could definitely benefit from,” says Zawu.

UApp hopes to take away priceless relationships, collaborations that not only create opportunities, but also breed growth in and around South Africa.

“We also hope to experience teachable moments that positively impact growth and expansion for the business. We hope to impress potential investors well enough to possibly get them to see the potential growth that we see in UApp and prompt them to invest in our service offerings. We would like to know that we have encouraged at least one person thinking of taking that entrepreneurial leap of faith to do so. Taking home an award would also be nice,” adds Zawu.