Kathy Gibson is at ITU Telecom World in Durban – Altron chief executive Mteto Nyati has called on the IT and telecommunications industries to make a stand against discrimination in all its forms.

Speaking at the welcoming reception of ITU Telecom World, Nyati expressed concern about anti-globalisation feeling that is driving discrimination.

“I’m concerned about noises that are beginning to emerge, and the globalisation trend is facing a major threat.”

He describes recent events in the US, UK and France as threats to globalisation, amid increased discrimination.

“We are seeing the emergence of an agenda of exclusion, an agenda of hatred and an agenda of fear. We are being told that if you are different from us, we should be uncomfortable.”

Nyati calls on the industry to close ranks against exclusionary thinking, to speak out and work together to reverse the trends.

“We need to take a stand,” he says. “We all work for powerful companies, and we need to take a stand on the side of people, on the side of the poor, on the side of those who have no access to information.

“We should use expertise to ensure we bring everyone together in an inclusive society.”

Nyati adds that Altron has made a conscious decision to drive diversity and inclusivity.

“We have very clear goals around addressing the challenges in our society,” he says.

To this end, the group is building resources in financial inclusion, healthcare, the fourth industrial revolution, and safety and security.