Service providers have to ensure their services run 24/7 with no delays or performance issues. This means their hardware platform has to be top-quality and reliable.

Fujitsu meets this need with a portfolio tailored for service providers that offers higher performance, tailored to their needs, that derisks growth.

Higher performance

Your customers expect outstanding reliability- and they don’t listen to excuses. The quality and dependability of Fujitsu Primergy servers and Eternus storage products make it easy for you to meet and exceed customer expectations, while keeping your business more profitable.

Fujitsu products are better by design, delivering:

* Much lower downtime;

* Better scalability;

* Enhanced performance at high temperatures; and

* Outstanding speed and responsiveness at 100% capacity.

Fujitsu Primergy servers and Eternus storage systems use close to 20% less energy than competitor products to carry out the same tasks.

Fujitsu products all include Cool-Safe technology, which safeguards performance even at temperatures as high as 40°C while under full load, 24×7. In fact, Fujitsu Eternus storage products show no perceptible decrease in speed and response times, even at 100% capacity.

The Eternus Operating System has a small footprint, so more of the cache can be used to boost performance. Meanwhile, the design specification includes 12-gigabit backend and enough channels to move data at extremely high speed, no matter what the load levels.

Fujitsu Primergy servers are designed for mainframe levels of reliability from the ground up, with a design focus on continuous availability leading to highly redundant servers with high fault tolerance and self-healing capabilities. They allow for the hot replacement of components as well as the ability to deliver firmware updates without downtime.

Tailored to your needs

Fujitsu works collaboratively with a network of world-class technology partners to provide solutions that offer the reliability and flexibility to match changing operational realities.

Products and support services are designed for maximum flexibility, so customers can protect margins, reduce risks and stay in control of their future development.

Fujitsu is expert in hybrid IT, as well as in software-defined storage solutions, so solutions officer world-class responsiveness, agility and cost-efficiency.

Fujitsu Primergy servers and Eternus storage products are designed as integrated families of products, so there is a smooth and easy upgrade path from entry level to the highest performance enterprise systems. A consistent design approach ensures maximum interoperability, with use of many of the same components and functions.

Eternus storage products scale from two and 24 storage controllers, while dynamic load balancing makes scaling simpler, and automated Quality of Service ensures that performance remains consistent.

The Fujitsu design approach means that there is less need for upgrades, as both Primergy servers and Eternus storage products continue to perform to the highest levels as capacity limits are reached.

Plus, there is no need to migrate to new platforms to upgrade, so the step up in capacity is smoother, easier, less risky and less costly

Derisking growth

Fujitsu wants its service provider customers to be successful and gain competitive advantage, so the company reduces risks to make growth easier and more profitable.

It does this by deploying a clear cost structure, with no capacity licensing.

In addition, all Fujitsu products are designed as families, using a high proportion of common components and operating systems, so there is no learning curve to upgrade.

Fujitsu will also help service providers to develop new opportunities for your own customers, based on its best in class technology and maximising the potential of its world-class technology partnerships.