The never ending introduction of new technologies and consumers wanting to stay current with the latest tech trends has led to masses of perfectly good second user equipment entering the market.

Dealers are fighting for refurbished equipment market share as the demand for affordable high quality refurbished electronics grows. The demand is largely as a result of tough economic conditions and tight budgets.

Rather than trying to reduce the budget, they should focus on the importance of spending their budgets more efficiently. They need to be more innovative when purchasing electronics or when trying to find the right tools and technologies to remain competitive.

Xperien’s Michael Phillipson says there is a huge interest from dealers to sell high quality certified refurbished electronics. “Businesses are under enormous financial pressure, they should focus their attention on finding smart ways to use their existing budget and rather spend their money on things that add real value.”

He points to refurbished electronics as a possible solution. “Refurbished products can be purchased at a portion of the price, but provide a far better price versus value specification when compared to buying a new one.

“Computers, phones and other digital devices no longer need to be discarded, they can be optimised and reused within the organisation. Alternatively, they can purchase certified refurbished products,” he explains.

There is a growing dealer community that is opting for Certified Refurbished Systems (CRS). It has fast captured the attention of dealers and customers alike, offering a range of value for money refurbished computer equipment that is fully ISO certified and audited.

All CRS products are certified by a trusted and accredited refurbishing factory that offers adequate warranties and return policies.

Phillipson says Xperien’s mission is to provide affordable computing to all. “We strive to cut cost without compromising quality. CRS offers laptops from R1 299, desktops from R599 and servers from R3 999. These are all Grade-A products, they are put through a quality control process that is certified by ISO 14001:2015.

“CRS is the answer if you want to own or stock a product that will give you peace of mind and confidence that money was well spent. CRS is an industry standard that gives consumers piece of mind knowing that they have purchased from an accredited reseller with good aftersales service,” he adds.