Fujitsu today introduces its smallest-ever desktop PC. With a total volume of less than one liter, the Esprimo G558 is small enough to be connected to the back of a display – yet powerful enough to perfectly run desktop and web-based office applications.

With a total volume of just 0,86 liters, the ultra-compact design is 96 percent smaller than traditional microtower desktop PCs and comes with the latest 8th generation Intel Core processors.

With space and clutter cut to a bare minimum, and thanks to minimal heat and noise output, the Esprimo G558 can be mounted anywhere – on a wall, under a desk or behind a display. When paired with the Fujitsu Display P24-9 TE, a single USB-C cable can provide power and network, and synchronise on/off power between the display and the PC.

With its ultra-small footprint and highly flexible mounting options, the new Esprimo G558 mini PC offers an alternative to an all-in-one desktop PC, enabling the creation of flexible all-in-one setups with the added benefit of being able to upgrade the compute unit mid-way through a display’s lifecycle.

Fujitsu’s smallest-ever PC is ideal for all office environments, especially government and finance where space, security and economics are driving the adoption of smaller, more energy-efficient devices with embedded security features. In terms of space saving, the new Esprimo G558 features Fujitsu’s most compact ever working desk footprint.

It scores on security too, with robust embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) cryptography, a Kensington slot for securing the device, bracket and screen, plus the optional EraseDisk data protection solution to permanently remove data once a device reaches the end of its life.

The space-saving Esprimo G558 provides advanced desktop PC functionality in an ultra-compact format. It features 8th generation Intel(r) Core processors, dual display support, legacy support for standard mini PC interfaces (HDMI+DP, 4+2 USB, LAN, audio), DDR4 2666 MHz memory, M.2 support and SSD PCI Express NVMe.

Unlike some sealed units on the market, the Fujitsu Esprimo is easy to service and allows convenient hardware customization or upgrades to hard drives and memory. Designed, developed, tested and manufactured to German production standards at Fujitsu’s factory in Augsburg, Germany, the Esprimo G558 exceeds industry requirements.

RĂ¼diger Landto, head of client computing devices at Fujitsu EMEIA, says: “It’s the little things in life that can make a big difference. The new ESPRIMO G558 is a perfect fit for modern offices and the workplace of tomorrow. It’s a mini PC with a modular design that delivers extreme flexibility however users choose to work, both today and in the future.

“Our smallest-ever Fujitsu PC combines a small footprint, low energy usage, the ability to extend display lifecycles and built-in security features. This feature-rich, powerful package doesn’t compromise on performance and comes with a full-socketed processor that’s easily capable of running standard to advanced office applications.”

The new Esprimo G558 is the smallest device in the Fujitsu Esprimo PC line-up. Fujitsu also offers the slightly larger Esprimo Q558 mini PC, which packs the same performance as the new Esprimo G558 but includes an onboard optical drive option and integrated power supply.