Technology is transforming every aspect of education, from the way in which students learn, to the way teachers educate.

From the classroom to the exam hall, and the library to the lecture theatre, technology is the driving force behind a change in the fundamental purpose and delivery of education.

With the theme of harnessing and driving 21st century learning, the 2018 EduTECH Africa conference will bring together pioneering educators, technology leaders, and those who are serious about delivering relevant education in the digital age.

Pearson SA will be showcasing two products at the conference: MyPedia and Pearson Professional.


MyPedia offers a complete teaching solution, designed to deliver engaging lessons, streamline educators’ challenges and ultimately improve learner performance. Teachers can access interactive lesson presentations offline, which simplifies the time spent preparing lessons.

In addition, these lesson presentations successfully integrate curriculum-aligned content with MyPedia Learner Assessment Practice Books and videos, as well as assessments.

“MyPedia is not one product, but something for the entire academic partnership programme. It improves learner’s cognitive skills by continuously partnering with everyone involved in the learning process: teachers, school leaders, parents, and most importantly – learners,” says Ursula Ndhlovu, corporate affairs director at Pearson SA.

“It is just one way that we deliver on our promise to incorporate Pearson’s global experience in education to contribute towards effective technology-enabled learning.”

Pearson Professional

Pearson Professional partners with top institutions like Wharton, Berkeley and MiT to provide students with globally recognised, industry relevant programmes of study.

“Our blended model provides flexible online courses with in-person support and interaction to help program completion and career progression,” says Ndhlovu. “In a fast-changing world, education is the key to success. At Pearson, we are passionate about making change happen and affording individuals the opportunity to progress in their careers.”

Pearson Professional provides:

* Education that is recognised globally and connects to a global network.

* Engagement with peers and instructors – internationally and locally, in-person and online.

* Curriculum and competencies most in demand by employers and an ever-evolving workplace.

* Programmes validated by leading academic institutions and relevant industries.