Paratus has started rolling out its TD-LTE network in parallel to its current WiMAX network. TD-LTE technology provides better spectral efficiency, higher speed throughput as well as better radio coverage than that of WiMAX.

Paratus rolled out WiMAX technology in 2007 and has since upgraded its WiMAX network to a 4G Wireless 4×4 network.

The regulatory authority, Communication Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN), has provided much needed relief in the form of temporary spectrum to maintain client service uptime during the transition process to the new TD-LTE network.

Paratus Namibia infrastructure executive Samantha Geyser says there has been extensive testing of the new technology. “These included testing the processes, systems and the migration to the new technology. By the end of this week Paratus will have its first 15 customers migrated to TD-LTE.”

“Careful planning is required to ensure limited downtime to our customers” says Geyser. “At present the project is running as planned and we are happy with the progress. When the time is right for full migration to the permanent spectrum, all clients should experience the benefit of this new network technology.”

CRAN has granted 10 months temporary spectrum to Paratus within which the network rollout should be completed. Paratus has confirmed that the project is on schedule and that it will work towards the deadlines in terms of the temporary spectrum provided by the regulator.