The CloudGate X desktop alternative is a palm-sized device measuring just 12cm², weighing under 250g, and drawing less than 24W of power.

Supporting both Windows 10 Pro, as well as Linux, this Intel quad-core Apollo Lake-based system features 64Gb solid state storage as standard, and ships with 4Gb RAM.

Despite its small form factor, the CloudGate X boasts three USB 2.0 ports and several others that include VGA, HDMI, SPDIF, and RJ45.

From a connectivity perspective, it has 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and 1Gbit LAN. The CloudGate X has an internal m.2 slot that allows it to expand its storage capacity up to 320GB.

“With the CloudGate X, we have a locally-developed computer that is an eco-friendly solution for the South African environment,” says says Xavier Nel, head of product at CloudGate. “By using less than five percent of the electricity a typical desktop requires, this user-friendly device lessens the energy footprint of a business considerably. This makes it ideal for rural areas that often rely on generators for their electricity needs.”

Ranging in cost from between R3 500 and R5 200 depending on the chosen configuration, the CloudGate X is a powerful system that delivers on several use cases across industry sectors. And the cost of the Windows based devices includes a Windows 10 Professional licence.

“From call centres to businesses, school computer laboratories to universities, the CloudGate X is a highly flexible computing solution,” Nel says. “By supporting both Windows and Linux operating systems, we are giving customers the freedom to choose the platforms they are most comfortable in. As it is a proudly South African product, we provide extensive local support and can easily customise the device to user requirements.”

The CloudGate X provides a cost-effective way for users to embrace the digital lifestyle whether it is for work or personal use. It can run business-critical applications and enables users to access their social media and email as well as browse the Internet.

“Not only is the small form-factor energy efficient, it also provides a secure alternative to traditional methods of keeping computers safe. IT staff can easily lock up multiple devices in a safe the size of a shoe box if required, or secure them to various surfaces using our custom build security cages.

“We envisage the CloudGate X to fundamentally shift perceptions around micro-computing and replace desktops in a number of industry sectors,” concludes Nel.