According to legislation, businesses are required to manage the complete destruction of all data when IT assets reach end-of-life.

Blancco has introduced erasure-as-a-service, a certifiable secure data erasure solution that is PoPI compliant.

Blancco partner Xperien can now ensure the safe and secure destruction of all data and the complete sanitisation of all IT assets prior to disposal. Xperien has been providing IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions to businesses for the past two decades.

Xperien’s Bridgette Vermaak says for ITAD vendors, security is key. “Xperien required a solution that removed any risk while ensuring it could still provide the utmost in secure ITAD services to its clients. Blancco’s erasure-as-a-service was the perfect fit.”

Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 18 governing bodies and leading organisations around the world. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories.

ITAD service providers are required to be compliant with local regulations when managing, transporting and disposing of their customers’ assets. More importantly, data destruction needs to be done in compliance with the data security standards applicable to each specific industry.

With erasure-as-a-service, Xperien can service its clients on-site at their data centres or business premises, or off-site at its own facility. This means that the solution must be fully traceable and certifiable, assets cannot leave the premises of any business without certifying that secure data sanitisation has been fully and irrevocably implemented.

Whether the assets are to be transported off-site or erased on premises, Xperien can provide a tamper-proof audit trail with certification of all erasures, enabling its customers to remain compliant with the PoPI Act, GDPR and other such regulations that govern data management and disposal in the South Africa region.

Vermaak says not all assets that pass through Xperien are ready for destruction. “Many enterprises are now able to repurpose, recycle and redistribute their IT assets. These assets are simply at end-of-service.

“It is imperative that any assets being redistributed are fully and certifiably erased before they go to their new home, to be compliant with Data Security Standards such as the PoPI Act and GDPR. Once these assets are fully sanitized, their redistribution will lessen the enterprise’s e-waste footprint and save on excessive hardware costs. Everyone wins,” she adds.

Xperien delivers its clients a service that provides protection against costly data breaches, giving their customers’ clients peace of mind. By mitigating the risk of data exposure while simultaneously enabling enterprises to save on hardware costs when assets are repurposed, Xperien helps its customers boost their bottom lines while reducing harmful e-waste.

“Blancco is the industry standard in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics. Blancco data erasure solutions provide thousands of organisations with the tools they need to add an additional layer of security to their endpoint security policies through secure erasure of IT assets. All erasures are verified and certified through a tamper-proof audit trail,” she concludes.