Kathy Gibson is at Fujitsu Forum 2018 in Munich – Connected services are fundamental to the Fujitsu strategy.

“We are going through an era of digital transformation,” says Helen Lamb, head of industry and services, and deputy head of global service delivery at Fujitsu.

“But Fujitsu doesn’t pay lip service to it, we are very serious about delivering a high level of services in digital transformation.”

The company recognises that there is a need to provide consistent global delivery, balanced against a war for global talent.

When it comes to consistent operations, customers are looking for experiences that will bring innovation along with consistent global services, Lamb says.

Fujistu is introducing a new hub model that will offer top-quality customer experience, with predictable outcomes-based services and commercial models.

The new model provides services that are location-agnostic, consistent and cost-effective and which enable co-creation in a flexible and agile way.

The war for talent is a real issue, Lamb adds. Fujitsu addresses this with its global network of 12 500 experts in knowledge, creativity and innovation.

“These experts have traditionally worked in the back office and we are now bringing them closer to our customers,” she says. “We are growing key strategic industry and technology skills.”

The new hub model concentrates industry vertical skills, making them easier to manage.

“The reason we are doing this is to leverage vertical insights and bring them front of sight to our customers,” says Lamb. “We are also enabling consistent services, consistent and flexible cost models and integration flexibility.”

Recognising that customers have many partners and also retain operations in-house, Fujitsu has standardised, optimised and globalised operations, Lamb points out.

“The model is enabled through connection with partners, customers and across Fujitsu. The result is customer satisfaction, market relevance and cost-competitiveness.”