Telkom has announced a roaming and facilities leasing agreement with Vodacom.

Serame Taukobong, CEO of Telkom Consumer, saysTelkom users will benefit immensely from the seamless handover in the roaming agreement since this will eliminate dropped calls when customers are moving between the two networks.

“As we invest in network expansion, we had a look at – among other issues, the dropped calls which have a significant impact on customer experience,” says Taukobong.

Telkom has been roaming on MTN, but more users will now gain coverage when roaming through the MTN network. “This is a part of growth for us. This new partnership gives us an opportunity to reach more corners of South Africa and continue our mission to give more for less,” adds Taukobong.

The contract with MTN expires in June 2019. Telkom is working to ensure a seamless handover, ensuring that customer calls will continue uninterrupted when Telkom customers move into an area with Vodacom coverage.