Lenovo sales staff at the country’s biggest distributors are counting down to the end of the year – and the chance to attend the Goldfish concert on 15 December.

It’s easy to take part: all sales staff have received a folder and scratch card that lets them keep track of their activities.

There are 20 scratch circles on each card, divided into 10 SMB (small and medium business) days and 10 consumer days.

To start, all you have to do is go to Day One and select a blue consumer qualifying product. As soon as you make the sale, jot down the invoice number inside the folder and scratch out the circle to keep track of your sales.

On the next day, go to Day Two and select a qualifying SMB product; make a sale; jot down the invoice number; and scratch out the circle.

As soon as the card is completed, you can claim your place at the live Goldfish concert in Val Bonne Park.

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