The new Lenovo Yoga C930 differentiates itself in a sea of sameness by offering users more value and purpose than even before.

Six years ago, Lenovo invented the 360-degree 2-in-1 convertible form factor to enable multiple usage modes (laptop, tent, tablet and stand) for greater flexibility. Since then, the convertible form factor has inspired many adaptations in the industry – but none that have expanded innovation beyond the hinge design to bring greater value to users.

The thinking behind the Lenovo Yoga convertible was to place in the hands of users a beautiful device that served as both a really great laptop and a really great tablet.

Importantly, the Yoga C930 is a beautiful device and is designed to look great in both modes, top up and top down.

Usability is key for the device, and the design team spent countless hours observing, interviewing, and brainstorming how and why people use their existing convertibles.

Based on this feedback, they focused on maximising the experience in every usage mode, whether someone was streaming a movie, listening to music, creating content, browsing or communicating.

Creating content can be a challenge for mobile users, so natural user input is a must. Voice is the simplest and most natural input that scales across every mode, so the Yoga C930 has built in far-range mics to enable Cortana and Alexa to recognise voice commands from up to four metres away.

The Yoga C930 also delivers a great keyboard and touchpad experience and, to maximise interaction in tablet mode, offers a garaged pen that enables a higher level of precision and accuracy necessary for things like photo editing, sketching or taking quick notes.

The focal point in every mode is the display. To deliver the user’s content with brilliance and clarity, the Yoga C930 has up to a 4K wide-angle 13.9-inch display with Dolby Vision.

Because designers identified an inherent relationship between the display and the hinge orientation – that both were always user facing – they spotted an opportunity to marry sight and sound. The audio experience is elevated by using the hinge as a dynamic audio device that is directed towards the user, creating an immersive experience that’s tuned to perform in every mode.

The solution is enabled by an extruded aluminum hinge bar with laser-drilled holes across the polished surfaces.

The Rotating Sound Bar experience was carefully crafted in close collaboration with the team at Dolby to incorporate custom designed tweeters to maximise the sound quality. They are balanced with woofers in the base which utilize surface reflections to help provide a wider sound stage and complete the Dolby Atmos Speaker System.

The onboard software optimises the tuning as the user changes the Yoga C930’s orientations to ensure a superior audio experience in every usage mode.

User also want personal privacy, so the Yoga C930 incorporates a physical lens cover, TrueBlock Privacy Shutter, that users can manually slide to block the camera.

With all of these powerful and user-oriented features, the Lenovo Yoga C930 is also beautiful to look at. The tonal color composition is quiet yet powerful. The authentic nature of how the aluminum is crafted is revealed in the finishing as well as the form. The combination of bead blasted surfaces with areas of soft polish create a subtle sophisticated voice of the product.

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