On 30 November 1988 the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) championed Computer Security Day.

Since then technology breakthroughs have revolutionised the way we do business and communicate across borders. With these technology developments, new threats have arisen, targeting all organisations regardless of size or industry sector. In 2018 alone, we have seen a number of new challenges including the implementation of new data regulations and increasingly sophisticated threats.

“Considering today’s advanced threats, it is vital that business leaders develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy,” says Jeremy Matthews, regional manager of Panda Security Africa. “Achieving cyber-resilience requires a proactive approach from CIOs and CISOs.”

To mark Computer Security Day 2018, Panda Security has released an e-book 2018 in Cybersecurity, as a go-to cybersecurity resource for business leaders. The book is a compilation of insights, advice and opinions from 11 global industry experts.

It has become increasingly important to ensure organisations’ data is secure. Particularly with the implementation of GDPR and POPIA regulations. Independent Cybersecurity Consultant Xavier Mertens advises that organisations should see these regulations as an opportunity to go back to basics with their strategy – to ensure they have a view off all the elements of their security.

A key motivation behind cyberattacks is the potential payday. Cybercrime is a profitable business model, with little exposure for the perpetrator, and this has driven the increasingly advanced threats and frequency of attacks we have seen in 2018.

Throughout the e-book security experts share insight into the nature of attacks and, importantly, how we can combat attacks.

As part of the discussion on the state of cybersecurity, the experts share their insights into a new paradigm of security that takes a proactive approach of prevention.