Creating new and dynamic content has never been easier. Office 365 includes powerful tools to help users quickly and easily create animated presentations and compelling Web sites.

Microsoft Office Sway is a presentation program that is part of the Microsoft Office family of products.

Sway lets registered Microsoft users to combine text and media to create a presentable website.

Users can use Sway to pull content locally from the device in use, or from the Internet, and to use that content to create a new site.

Sway sites are stored on Microsoft’s servers and are tied to the user’s Microsoft account.

Users find Sway useful for creating newsletters, presentations and all types of communications.

If it’s a cinematic experience for your presentations that you’re after, Morph enables seamless animation between slides.

Morph doesn’t animate just text and regular images, it can animate 3D shapes, individual words or even characters.

All you have to do to achieve these great effects is to duplicate the slides you want morphed together, move the objects to how you want them animated, then click the Morph button.

Morph is available if you have an Office 365 subscription or are using PowerPoint 2019.