A fully-integrated customer experience specialist has opened its doors, with a full suite of products and services for any organisation that seeks to improve and integrate its marketing at all customer touch points.

Avidity Group enters the market in the interplay between technologies, services and industry best practice to offer optimised customer experiences that are content rich, predictive and personalised.

“Over the past decade, we have seen incredible advancements in customer experience technologies and best practices. Unfortunately, for many organisations this has meant the adoption of a fragmented set of tools with little or no integration or coherent management insight,” says Molefi Moloantoa, CEO of Avidity Group.

Moloantoa explains that every company needs a coherent customer experience strategy to survive. Avidity specialises in this and has subject matter experts across all marketing disciplines to support companies.

Avidity will offer an integrated solution to customers by combining a suite of best-in-class connectivity and transactional technologies, marketing and the training of customer-facing personnel. This integrated solution combines every digital and physical touch point; is customisable to every individual and is driven by a single, powerful customer experience strategy.

According to Moloantoa, this integrated solution will not only find relevance in the retail sector but will be applied to various ecosystems that could benefit from personalised experience services. These include businesses in the hospitality sector, local and regional government organisations, the entertainment sector and even in sectors as granular as gated residential communities, transit providers and community stokvels.

“Consider a modern customer’s retail journey: From online research to wayfinding, the use of complimentary Wi-Fi and the use of gift cards or mobile wallets, to the actual purchase and post-purchase experience, there is an opportunity to collect information and market to the customer.

“While this has been attempted in the past, a lack of integration between different systems and marketing messages has diluted the experiential impact at best or, at worst, created consumption fatigue,” says Waldo Marcus, the chief customer experience officer at Avidity Group.

Avidity resets this customer journey by offering a turnkey solution. This includes the provision of smart WiFi and connectivity hardware systems, secure and legally compliant data collection software, content production, media buying and creation, PR, ideation, event execution and, very importantly, the training of staff members with whom the customer will interact throughout his journey.

Moloantoa explains further: “An end-to-end, ‘market of one’; solution benefits both the customer and the ecosystem owner. Customers find exactly what they are looking for faster, while the landlord, retailer and brands receive high-quality verified data on customers’ buying patterns and, with the help of business intelligence tools, predict their future buying patterns.”

“When you overlay services such as individualised newsletters, e-Gift cards, vouchers and geo-cached coupons, you turn your marketing efforts into revenue drivers, without over-marketing to customers.”

While Avidity integrates world-class technologies to reach customers, it amplifies its impact through its training and quality control division.

“We know that the actual sales experience can sometimes be a retailer’s feet of clay, where the well-crafted marketing message loses its momentum and the conversion rate drops. This is why we have dedicated a full division to the training and development of customer-facing staff to ensure the best possible experience,” says Marcus.

In its efforts to integrate the full customer journey, Avidity has included Brand Alchemists and its suite of proprietary-tracking and lead-generation technologies as part of their solution set. Brand Alchemists is an experienced brand activation agency that has implemented a software suite called Avid Track and Avid Lead in South Africa.

Avid Track measures event effectiveness, including dwell time, engagement and even conversion, with the use of camera tracking and other technologies. Avid Lead in turn is a trusted suite of lead-generation tools used in event activations.

“While much of what we offer will find immediate application in the retail sector, we have all services under one roof, from idea generation to execution. We look forward to adapting our solution in partnership with ecosystem owners in all other sectors to make real the promise of modern technology and truly individualised customer experiences.”