Customers must be able to trust the systems they leverage and the vendors they do business with.

Dell EMC delivers the best-in-class modern data centre platforms and, thanks to RSA and Dell EMC’s data protection portfolios, also ensures information security and governance with local and remote data protection.


Automate everything

Once a plan is made to modernise data center infrastructure, the next step is to automate everything. Any manual process that is done as a predictable, repeatable step must be ruthlessly eliminated via management and orchestration tools up and down the IT stack.

EMC ViPR Controller and SRM use storage array APIs to consolidate and automate the configuration, deployment, and ongoing operations of heterogeneous storage systems, which dramatically simplifies and drives cost out of everyday storage operations.

VMware vRealize, OpenStack, and other cloud M&O software layers automate the delivery of all infrastructure services and provide a self-service experience for consumers of IT resources.

Service catalogues can then be built and managed with these tools or higher-level software.

Full-scale automation is the single most transformative change in IT delivery today. Not only does it accelerate service delivery while guaranteeing predictable outcomes, allowing a business to be more agile with less risk, it also frees up human capital to focus on higher value projects and allows creative minds to collaborate with others, helping to transform a business.


Total transformation

Once full-scale automation processes are in place, full-scale IT transformation can proceed.

And, while IT services can be modernised and automated using hardware and software approaches to deliver the true well-run hybrid cloud experience that supports multiple CIO priorities, IT itself must continuously transform the people and processes that deliver business outcomes.

IT-as-a-Service involves taking the modern data centre platform and layering on to it the capabilities for extensive automation.

The real goal is optimising IT production for business consumption.

If IT is to compete and win against external shadow IT service providers, they must operate like service providers themselves with the same ease of use, speed of service, and seamless scalability to support expanding requirements.

Dell EMC has the tools and training to equip IT with those capabilities now and in the future.


Beyond the infrastructure

To help customers move through all these changes, transform IT, and become future ready, Dell EMC offers a broad set of global services capabilities that focus on achieving data center modernisation, wide-scale automation, and total IT transformation.

These services include:


Data Center Consolidation and Migration

EMC Global Services has conducted thousands of migration and consolidation projects over the past few years – everything from modernising infrastructure and architecture platforms to consolidating and optimising the data centers themselves.

  • Hybrid-Cloud Infrastructure This includes a range of services to help customers plan, deploy, extend, and manage hybrid-cloud-computing platforms to start brokering IT services from internal and external sources.
  • Application Modernszation EMC Global Services helps customers analyze and execute application transformation by defining which applications should move to modern infrastructure or cloud models, when to build new applications, and when to re-platform, retire, or retain them. This includes building new cloud-native applications and employing DevOps and automation to reduce software development lifecycles. Dell EMC’s automated approach to application portfolio analysis is 50% faster, utilises 75% fewer resources than similar services, and our proven methodology helps customers migrate applications to modernized environments quickly and without business disruption.


IT Organisation and Process Design

EMC Global Services guides customers in defining the processes, organisations, roles, skills, and training required to operate a service-focused IT organisation.

Dell EMC invests heavily in innovation, transforming its portfolio to help customers where it is relevant.

Through its best-of-breed technology, legendary customer services, and one of the broadest ecosystems of technology and service partners in the industry, Dell EMC stands out with the tools and skills people need to decrease costs, increase agility, remove risks, and drive digital business innovation.