Over-regulation retained its number one position in the PwC 21st Annual CEO Survey¹ as the greatest threat to organisational growth. The complexity of managing compliance within an ever-changing regulatory environment impels corporates to embrace technological advances.

Greg Chamberlin, ‎business development: Compliance at LexisNexis, says: “Staying current with legislation is not only about avoiding penalties – it’s about running your business ethically, reducing risk, increasing shareholder return and improving an organisation’s public image. Utilising tools that provide CEO’s with compliance oversight to make informed decisions as well as minimising the compliance resources required to manage legislation related changes needs to be considered a priority.”

Compliant organisations are usually more up-to-date with industry trends and often have greater levels of transparency within their organisations – with employees at all levels being aware of what is expected of them. Yet being aware of legislative changes is one thing – but ensuring you are compliant is another.

That is where Lexis Assure comes in. Curated by a team of top South African Legal experts, Lexis Assure is an online system that allows you to track amendments to legislation with automated email alerts, as well as effectively manage compliance risks. This intuitive compliance system also provides a detailed and meaningful executive summary analysing the impact of these changes.

The Lexis Assure product features make gathering legislative intelligence that much easier for corporates of any size. Within user defined industry parameters these include:

* Daily email alerts within 48 hours of legislative changes;

* Flagging dates for meeting compliance, and other obligations;

* Extraction of commentary for reporting and task allocation; and

* Checklists for self-assessment.