Schneider Electric has announced enhancements to EcoStruxure Power.

The latest EcoStruxure Power 2.0 architecture is fully certified to ISO energy management standards and compliant to IEC cyber-security standards.

New features make low and medium voltage power distribution simpler, safer, and farther reaching for building, industry, and data center customers.

“All businesses today are committing to improved efficiency and uptime, while reducing risks, such as electrical fires, by meeting the latest standards and regulations,” explains Philippe Delorme, executive vice-president of the building and IT division.

“As the market’s most comprehensive IoT and digital power management architecture, EcoStruxure Power’s frequent system releases continue to deliver more value from sensor-to-edge-to-cloud and improve our customer’s energy performance.”

The latest EcoStruxure Power architecture has obtained ISO50001, ISO50002 and ISO50006 certification making it the first comprehensive digital power management system to receive this internationally-recognized endorsement. Conformity to these ISO standards supports customers to use energy more efficiently, bringing associated cost savings through comprehensive energy data management.

Today’s IoT applications for electrical distribution and industrial control systems require IEC cybersecurity compliance. EcoStruxure Power’s edge control solutions are leading the field in incorporating IEC 62443-4-2 security assurance. Schneider Electric promotes a holistic security approach to safeguard, assess, monitor and manage customer systems.

EcoStruxure Power’s fully integrated sensor-to-edge-to-cloud solution prevents electrical fires by continuously monitoring temperature rises for MV & LV power systems. The solution is a safer, more cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional IR thermography. Trends and alerts support predictive maintenance strategies.

EcoStruxure Power’s event analysis tools make it easier than ever to get to the root cause faster through user-friendly interfaces. Simpler and deeper data analysis covering all devices and consolidated information improve power system operation reliability.

The latest EcoStruxure Power architecture uses EcoStruxure Microgrid Operation to manage the network, the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and the protection systems for increased microgrid stability and efficiency. Such facilities oversee their microgrid control with EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert and Power SCADA Operation in both islanded or normal operating mode.