CIOs in the retail sector are increasingly looking to location analytics provided by sophisticated WiFi marketing solutions to address digital transformation.

This is the view of Wade Gomes, sales director of Corr-Serve, a local value-added distributor that represents Cloud4Wi in the South African market.

Research firm, Forrester, uses one of Cloud4Wi’s clients, the Prada Group, in its report “Digitally Transform In-store Experiences with Sensor-Based Technology and Analytics”, as an example of a retailer creating superior in-store experiences using WiFi.

According to Forrester, “Retail stores have been living in an analytical ‘dark age’ compared with digital channels, relegated to measurement techniques that rarely consider customer behaviour. However, advances in in-store customer sensor and analytics technologies are transforming how digital business professionals and retailers win, serve, and retain customers within the physical store.”

Cloud4Wi offers an AI-driven product suite for location analytics. With Cloud4Wi, retailers can collect anonymized customer insights through their in-store Wi-Fi services. For customers who opt-in, retailers can create unique customer profiles that include offline behavioural characteristics — and do so in compliance with GDPR.

“Prada provides a good example for retailers looking to boost customer experience and improve customer onboarding by providing free Wi-Fi services to in-store customers — and to use the Wi-Fi signals to track in-store behaviours,” adds Forrester.

“South African retailers have an enormous opportunity to improve customer experience by leveraging the power of analytics when providing in-store or in-mall Wi-Fi services,” concludes Gomes.