The new Mecer Fundi YA13Q10 notebook is the ideal professional laptop with extended graphics which allows it to become an aid tool for designers or artists.

It’s a 13,3-inch Notebook, including Intel Celeron N3350, 32GB eMMC, 4GB RAM and Windows 10 Pro (64-bit).

This notebook may not be able to run highly demanding software but has Intel HD graphics built in – and coupled with the light weight, thin build and 2-in-1 configuration – it becomes ideal for meetings, sketch sessions, quick picture or music editing, and everyday office and home use.

The large screen (13.3inch FHD 1920X1080 point touch display) and full keyboard are representative of the well-rounded nature of this device.

There is little flex in the keyboard and the keys have high bounce which works well with fast fingers and keeps typing comfortable.

There is a large bezel around the screen, compared to other notebooks coming out at this time, though they do serve a purpose in keeping fingers off the screen when turning to tablet or ‘tent’ mode and also provide the space for a decent webcam equipped with facial recognition (Windows Hello).

The 0.3MP HD Webcam would serve best in a well-lit environment for video conferencing or calling, but could handle dim spaces.

Adding to the Windows Hello security features, a finger print scanner is included on the trackpad – in a natural index-finger position for ease of use.

The screen does tend to have a dulled colour and brightness compared to other HD laptops, which would make it easier to use in sunlight – but the high reflectivity of the screen does not perform well in those conditions. In a boardroom or home space the reflective surface does not pose a problem.

The Mecer Fundi is a delight for storage – having 32GB M.2 SSD or eMMC internal storage, 4GB of RAM, SD Card port for additional storage and a further 5GB of Online Storage. This will keep Windows 10 running smoothly, no matter how many tabs you open (trust us) and allows moderate  document, picture and music storage in whichever format you prefer.

In terms of ports on the device there are few – a mini HDMI port, good for digital camera connection and aiding the use of the device for quick editing or loading high quality images quickly, or for connecting to audio visual presentation equipment in meetings.

There are also 2 USB 3.0. This may seem like too few but is ideal for the size of the notebook – keeping it practical for professional portable applications.

Turning the PC to ‘tablet mode’ keeps the keyboard functional and an added bonus in the purchase is a slender stylus. The stylus functioned well and leaning on the screen with your hand did not confuse the command.

The touch screen is accurate enough to be able to add details to images and pin-point a millisecond on our video editing software.

For video editing the notebook does perform, but may not be suited to a heavy or long-term video load. This is also where it can be noted that loud sounds are dulled in the audio output. This would be good to know for presentations that may rely on the output from the Fundi.

Connectivity wise: WIFI 2.4ghz, Bluetooth and mobile connectivity 3G, 4G and LTE ensuring wherever you may end up you are connected.

The Mobile connectivity goes handily with free data to educational content which adds pupils and students to the list of users who would benefit from using this product.

Battery life is fair – the device lasted 4.5 hours while playing videos intermittently and using Office 365 applications the whole time. The power cable does come to a two-point plug which means provision must be made for it where three-point plugs are prevalent.

The build of this laptop is solid and clean. The lines are gently tapered to create quite a beautiful look and feel. The hinges are conspicuous but hardy for the 360-degree turns they are doing.

The notebook is hard to dirty due to the surface texture which will keep this looking good for a long while with daily use in different environments – though the screen will need a wipe every now and then for fingerprints.

A very good all-rounder, this notebook can lend itself to specialised applications in design and business and offers the most comfortable daily use. It leaps forward as a good presentation tool for small or large meetings, provides good storage options and can handle its own in a market of increasing specialisation.

At R5 500.00 at the time of writing, the Mecer Fundi comes with a stylus and laptop sleeve to keep them together and safe in travel.

The Mecer Fundi YA13Q10 is ideal as a professional notebook that can be used from school to the boardroom.

Pros: Body designed to look good with hard use, easy to use 2-in-1 and large screen, good resolution

Cons: Low audio



Model Number: YA13Q10
Type: Notebook

Operating System
Bundled Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit)
Warranty: 1 Year

CPU Family: Celeron
CPU Generation: Apollo Lake
CPU Speed: 1.10GHz
CPU Type: Intel Celeron N3350
Max Turbo Speed: 2.40GHz
Number of Cores: Dual-Core
Number of Threads: 2

LCD Features: FHD
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Screen Size: 13.3″

Memory Capacity: 4GB
Memory Speed: DDR3

CPU Cache: 2MB

GPU/VPU: Intel HD Graphics
Graphic Type: Integrated

Hard Drive
SSD or Flash Memory Capacity: 32GB

Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.0
WLAN: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

Webcam: 0.3MP HD Webcam

mAhs: 5000 mAh

HDMI: 1 x Mini-HDMI
USB: 2 x USB 3.0

Physical Specification
Item Depth (mm): 211
Item Height (mm): 13.58
Item Width (mm): 310
Weight (kg): 1.3