Fujitsu has been chosen as a strategic infrastructure partner by WorldStream1, enhancing the Global Service Provider’s (XSP) capabilities in providing tailored solutions for its customers, and supporting its growth aspirations on a global basis.

WorldStream is among the three leading European hosters dedicated to servers, connectivity and security solutions and recently opened a Tier 3 data centre in Naaldwijk in the Netherlands.

The new facility boasts a total of 10,000 servers supporting 3 500 customers, of whom 90% are outside the Netherlands.

As it expands its business globally, WorldStream has placed an increasing emphasis on improving agility, flexibility, customer responsiveness and hardware performance by ensuring that its underlying infrastructure is as robust, reliable and power-efficient as possible.

Following benchmarking tests, WorldStream chose Fujitsu as its preferred infrastructure supplier as the Fujitsu Primergy x86 servers came out on top for performance, as well as consuming 15% to 20% less energy than comparable servers.

For WorldStream this translates into significant energy savings, reduced operating costs and helps to cut the company’s carbon footprint, as well as providing an important point of differentiation for end customers.

As a result, and underlining its commitment to partnering with Fujitsu, WorldStream placed an order for an additional 2,200 PRIMERGY rack servers, all equipped with Intel Xeon processors.

In the past, WorldStream used multiple vendors but found it difficult and time-consuming to add new infrastructure. The wide range of flexible solutions from Fujitsu enables WorldStream to offer more flexibility to customers, who can customize Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers with specific processors, main memory and controllers tailored to their needs.

This means WorldStream can respond quicker to new demands, and advanced Fujitsu management tools enable end customers to manage and configure their own servers, reducing the burden on WorldStream’s internal resources.

Dirk Vromans, chief technology officer at WorldStream, says: “Fujitsu enables the speed and flexibility that keeps WorldStream at the forefront of the market. We were highly impressed with the wide range of customizable solutions on offer from Fujitsu as they enable us to provide great support, high speed, and to offer our customers tailor-made solutions. Fujitsu offers us the best possible performance at an affordable cost, and therefore will always be our number one choice.”

Bas de Reus, MD of Fujitsu Netherlands, comments: “WorldStream’s meteoric rise in Europe has been built on the same customer-focused values we share at Fujitsu. It’s all about creating and delivering agility that exceeds customer expectations, without compromising on hardware and environmental performance. The fact that WorldStream has conducted benchmark tests and chosen Fujitsu to be its strategic infrastructure partner, shows once again that we are a leading digital transformation partner providing great customer benefits, performance, price and service.”