For over two years now, DevConf has provided attendees with a myriad of insights and practices to assist software developers in tackling the challenges of the future.

The success and attendance of these events has inspired Synthesis Software Technologies to attend the event this year and participate as a Gold Sponsor.

In an increasingly connected world with constantly evolving trends, technological and business innovation are often interchangeable. And with exciting, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and advanced cloud architecture changing the game, it can be quite overwhelming to keep pace with digital disruption and undergo a technological transformation in your business. Synthesis’ goal at this year’s event is to help demystify some of the challenges and to assist attendees in understanding and embracing these new technologies.

Synthesis’ Chief Disruption Officer, Tom Wells also will be taking the stage at DevConf to share his expert opinion on software architecture, what the challenges are on building platforms at hyper-scale, some of the deficiencies of stateless microservices and why making use of event-driven or stateful streaming architecture can be part of the solution for reaching scale.

Synthesis invites attendees to visit its stand at DevConf 2019 on 28 March at Vodacom World Events in Midrand, Johannesburg to advantage of this opportunity and learn how to leverage emerging architecture to deliver next-generation customer experiences that will provide your business with the competitive edge it needs to flourish. Visitors to the Synthesis stand at the conference can also chat with one of the Synthesis hyper-scale cloud experts, and put themselves in line to win an exclusive Amazon Echo Dot.