IoT and affordable smart home technology LifeSmart has been introduced to the local market by Syntech.

The LifeSmart system uses a range of triggers, such as switches and motion sensors, to give commands to your lights and appliances. It allows you to programme when appliances come on, for how long they should run, and when they should turn off.

It can be adjusted remotely using the LifeSmart app.

The range includes lightbulbs, featuring 16 million colours, cameras and an IR blaster, which offers an entire smart home solution.

The technology and fittings are also available in bundles – under the categories lighting, comfort, and security – to allow the sectional implementation of the system.

Syntech co-founder Ryan Martyn says: “Smart homes and appliances have seen a slow uptake in South Africa compared to other countries. This might be due to the perception that the technology is costly and complicated to install. LifeSmart is not only more accessible than other brands on the market, but has been created to be installed easily.

“The brand offers a quality solution for those looking to make small upgrades to their home, and an integrated approach to those looking to change the way they live.”