Kerio Control v9.3 was launched today (9 April 2019), with high availability and fail-over production.

Improvements to the platform also include a new VPN (virtual private network) encryption key with AES, more than 40% VPN speed improvements, and improved IPS throughput.

Customers looking to initiate the high-availability feature will have to install a second Kerio Control appliance or virtual machine. Customers can then configure the second device as a clone of the active device using simple and accessible configuration settings.

A single software license will cover both pieces of hardware.

“The launch of Kerio Control v9.3 will be supported by a webinar that will provide customers with more information around the product and the high availability feature,” says Henk Olivier, MD of Ozone Information Technology Distribution. “There will also be release notes published in the GFI Upgrade Centre, along with the upgrade itself, as of 09 April.”