Fujitsu’s storage solution Eternus DX8900 S4 has achieved a double first in terms of high performance for a storage system – setting a new benchmark record as well as being the first to break the 10 Million IOPS per second barrier, as confirmed by the latest results published by the Storage Performance Council (SPC).

Tests governed by the independent body SPC provide storage buyers with objective, relevant, and verifiable information allowing them to compare the performance of storage systems between vendors.

New results published online in SPC’s Performance (SPC-1 IOPS) test confirm that Fujitsu has taken a commanding lead. As well as achieving a breakthrough in terms of completing more than 10,000 Input/output Operations Per Second (IOPS), the Fujitsu Eternus DX8900 S4 officially outperforms competitors by a margin of at least 30%.

As enterprises store ever more data, and data centers are increasingly consolidated and virtualized, this places increased dependence on system performance – on the amounts of data that can be read/written by a storage system. Faster IOPS data means backups are completed faster – and essential information such as databases can be restored faster from backup, helping get business-critical systems back into production after a system failure.

The Eternus DX8900 S4 is designed to reduce data center complexity by consolidating data for even the most-demanding business-critical applications, such as enterprise resource planning apps. Offering up to 140 PB of flash capacity, it eliminates the requirement to tier storage according to the importance of workloads, with highly dense, scalable and reliable storage powered by Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) for accelerated read access.

Thanks to a multiple redundant and scale-out architecture that combines multiple types of disk and flash drives to balance capacity, data access speed and cost, ETERNUS DX8900 S4 paves the way for superfast, all-flash data centers.