JET8 has announced a partnership with Soccer Laduma, launching the Soccer Laduma App runs off JET8’s social commerce technology.

Soccer Laduma readers will be able to create content and earn JETPoints when they share this content on social media platforms. They can use the JETPoints in the Soccer Laduma App’s shop to redeem products like Kick-Off and Soccer Laduma.

Besides offering communities like Soccer Laduma their own Social Commerce platform, JET8 has developed world-class user privacy technology to protect users’ personal data.

JET8’s User Data Exchange Programme facilitates the transaction between a user and third parties whereby a user can opt-in if they want anyone to purchase their personal data directly from them.

The Soccer Laduma APP allows soccer fans to create branded content and customise their photo and videos with branded Geo-stickers and Geo-frames, and earn points (JETPoints) for every in-app like, comment, and share, as well as for cross-posting on to external social networks.

JET8 recently announced the JET8 Wallet, designed to give users a safe and seamless experience.

The JET8 Wallet’s use of blockchain technology that makes it a secure custodian app for those wanting to safekeep their J8T tokens, earn rewards, and buy real-life products.

Soccer Laduma head of content for Soccer Laduma, Clint Roper , says: “It’s not often that South African football fans get tangible rewards for their passion for the beautiful game. Yes they get to share in the wins and losses of their team, but does any fan really ever benefit from a massive sponsorship deal or winning a tournament other than bragging rights?

“Truth be told it only ever really costs a fan to be a fan. That’s why when Soccer Laduma and JET8 sat down to discuss a potential partnership, we (Soccer Laduma) were so excited about an APP that results in real rewards for passionate fans, who are the lifeblood of the game. And so after months of development and refining our offering, we are proud to announce that the Soccer Laduma JET8 APP is now up and running and available for download and we can start building a community that will empower soccer fans and turn their own social networks into proper reward opportunities for themselves.

“It’s a partnership we will endeavour to grow and cultivate over the coming months. We hope our family, the biggest gathering of South African soccer readers on a weekly basis, will download the APP and start growing their community.”

JET8 co-founder Mike Allen adds: “After many months of development, we are proud to announce a partnership with Soccer Laduma which will empower soccer fans and grow a community. Passionate soccer fans are now able to be rewarded for the love of the game with JET8 app technology.”