Managed IT services provider Troye is upbeat about next-generation networking solutions on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Citrix recently announced that Citrix SD-WAN and Citrix ADC will soon be available on GCP, enabling experience-driven application performance and delivery across modern networks.

This move enables companies to extend their networks to the cloud and deliver applications in an agile and scalable way that gives users access to the tools they need and prefer to use and perform at their best anywhere, anytime from any device.

Troye technical director Kurt Goodall says Citrix has simplified the process of delivering apps and ensuring they perform reliably. “By making networking solutions available on GCP, Citrix provides clients with more cloud options and a simple, efficient way to deploy SaaS and microservices-based apps that their staff need to be engaged and productive.”

He says this will accelerate the client’s journey to the cloud. “Application performance and delivery is all about experience and choice. Whether motivated by efficiency, agility, scalability or cost, companies are increasingly moving apps to the cloud.”

Clients expect a consistent and reliable experience, regardless of where they are hosted. To help deliver it, Citrix will offer a virtual instance of its SD-WAN appliance on the GCP Marketplace.

With the Citrix SD-WAN virtual appliance, companies can easily and reliably connect branches to GCP and deliver an optimal application experience to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop on GCP through integration with HDX which uses the ICA protocol.

It can also provide exceptional performance to applications running on GCP, including G Suite with deep packet inspection, QoS, and link bonding. More importantly, one can quickly set up high-availability connections to Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPCs) and manage the entire network from the Citrix orchestration service.

Goodall says application delivery is very different today. “Many companies are moving to modernise their apps with microservices and Kubernetes and more efficiently deploy their applications across hybrid cloud. Through increased integration of Citrix ADC with GCP, Kubernetes, service mesh with Istio architectures and open source CNCF tools, they can achieve their goals.”

With the virtual Citrix ADC product set including virtualised, containerised form factor and gateway solutions available on the GCP Marketplace, companies can tap into a comprehensive, software-centric feature set to deliver a better application experience.

They can also drive operational consistency for on-premise and cloud deployments; pool capacity licensing to optimise utilisation and deliver savings; and simplify access management through single sign on.

Citrix networking solutions provide companies with the experience and choice needed to deliver a compelling, always-on experience that improves employee engagement, productivity and business results.

“With Citrix solutions on GCP, companies can deliver experience-driven application performance and delivery in the cloud, this is the future of networking,” he concludes.