IntroductionResearch, create, deliver, manage and administer technology-based solutions to enable the business to achieve its operational and strategic objectives. Job Specification• Maintain and analyse internal records of problem causes and resolutions, identify recurring problems and modify the resolution actions to prevent recurrence• Maximise the use and re-use of infrastructure that is already in place by determining to what extent parts of solutions already exist when new solutions are defined• Ensure that solutions are not designed and built in isolation• Ensure correct protocols, tools and middleware solutions are correctly used• Ensure that solutions are built using the agreed tools, frameworks, processes and architectural principles that apply • Ensure that solutions are built generically wherever possible• Establish and maintain good working relationships with other structuresMinimum Requirements3-year IT or NQF aligned qualification• 5-8 years relevant experience working in an Oracle Database Administration role• Hands-on Implementation and Support experience in a variety of infrastructure services and solutions• Exposure to Infrastructure Security related technologies• Relevant infrastructure management systems knowledge• Experience designing, integrating and managing complex database solutions• Knowledge and exposure to relational database systems• Experience planning and developing support processes and adhering to best practices• Initiative and Problem-Solving ability in terms of Oracle software and its infrastructure• Critical batch standby needed, being able to understand and provide root cause analysis and provide working solutions within the hour of a call out is expected, reporting and other system OLAs need to be maintained• 24/7 availability during standby, every second week• Summarizing per database application, value that can be added by making suggestions to developers and or vendors regarding their application, their code/SQL etc.• Logging of good quality SRs with Oracle Support, being able to ensure viable solutions are forthcoming or able to find workarounds where software is no longer supportedA good Oracle database architecture knowledge is expected relating to at least: memory pools, online logs, data files, redo logs, partitioning, logging and no logging operations, parallel ddl, parallel dml, parallel query, sql tuning, sql hints addition/removal, explain plan evaluation etc.• Understanding of full hardware and software stack from OS to UNIX to network to storage to be able to do root cause analysis as to why batch or end user reports or backups etc. are not optimal• SQL, PL/SQL Shell scripting and Sql*plus fluency to automate and report• ASM and GI command usage related to use of srvctl. crsctl and associated commands• Being able to understand and respond to database alerts (140+ custom alerts) related to space, performance, backups, triggers, procedures, log files, trace file contents, deadlocks, concurrency issues etc.• Space analysis/abuse per database, per schema, per tablespace etc.• Usage of expdp and impdp for refreshes and backups for small databases• RMAN to duplicate/clone/backup/recover databases, EMC disk clones/snaps also in use• Installations and upgrades are done periodically, thus competency is required• Oracle Diagnostic and Tuning Packs are available to production databases• Partitioning, Compression, RAC, Diagnostics and Tuning Packs are the Enterprise Options in usePlease note that only applicable candidates will be contacted.

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