The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is the answer to the prayers of every adult with a job who was always interested in starting gaming.

Whether for the beginner or the hardcore gamer slowing down – this machine still ticks the boxes.

The HP Pavilion gaming laptop comes with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 (2GB), 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, 8 GB memory; 1 TB HDD + 128 GB SSD storage to start off with and can be customized before purchasing to create your ultimate PC.

This PC has a notable thin and compact feel, for a gaming specific laptop. The top is plastic with a metal feel palm rest. There are front facing speakers and a full keyboard with ‘Acid Green’ backlighting.

The addition of the number pad gives gamers more actionable keys and helps with work functions that require some degree of number crunching. Lending to the middle-of-the-road functionality of this machine.

Designed to handle stress, this machine works through multiple tasks with no lag and produces some great quality visuals – through the 15.6-inch FHD display.

Testing this, we uploaded videos to Youtube while in-game on Skyrim with the graphics turned up while also jumping in and out to edit a multi-media presentation. No problems encountered.

When it came to movie night, the edge-to-edge HD display became a futuristic beacon in the room and it seemed as though we were watching on something much bigger than the 15.6-inch in front of us.

There is high contrast and saturation in the display which also aids in immersing you in any gameplay and keeping you attached for hours editing videos and pictures.

There are two internal speakers on either side of the webcam which allows for good quality sound on the footage captured that way.

Architectural applications (like Revit) run smoothly and the all-rounder aspect of the device is ideal for a serious student looking for a long-term work machine to play and present with.

Though the appeal is not lost on the office/admin worker looking for an upgrade from the typical notebook and wanting to incorporate their work machine with their home-life.

During our heavy-handed testing we noticed that the fans did run harder than some other machines, though the noise was easily overpowered with the onboard sound system and HP Audio Boost features.

Though the rear fans were hard working, they were quite efficient at keeping heat from the keyboard.

During these tests, the nine-hour battery life was reduced to about six hours – enough to push through a days’ work while keeping entertained in the background.

This laptop includes a collaboration design with Bang&Olufsen – bringing the simple, elegant and enchanting structure for the speaker bar at the top of the keyboard.

The shadow play in the physical design is reminiscent of architectural paper models and when combined with smooth sound of your choice, it feels as though the PC is a lifestyle given form.

An extra fact about this machine that can counter in with a lifestyle looking to be more energy efficient – The HP Pavilion Gaming laptop is Energy Star certified and Epeat silver registered.

In South Africa, the HP Pavilion gaming laptop can be purchased as part of a contract and will come as a bundle with an HP headset, HP Gaming Mouse pad and an HP mechanical keyboard with non-slip feet.

There are features included to protect this piece of lifestyle in the form of Absolute Home and Office device protection.

This means that our laptop can be tracked and the contents therein can be recovered or compensated for when needed. The full package included with the basic model of the laptop.

Simplistic on the outside, playful in colour and nature, powerful under the hood and finely detailed, this machine has charm. The lines between masculine and feminine are blurred and all that is left is performance.