Global Digital Transformation (GDX), an emerging digital transformation consultancy with operations in South Africa, North America and Europe, has entered into a key partnership with Cloudify.

GDX has integrated Cloudify into its network automation offerings, using the platform to provide clients with end-to-end orchestrated services for both virtual and physical network functions.

Typical use cases are multi-cloud orchestration, SD-WAN orchestration, federated “manager of managers”, and edge orchestration for uCPE and branch use cases.

Cloudify radically simplifies end-to-end network automation through its open source, intent-based orchestration platform, which connects to any cloud, device, or third-party automation tool.

Janine Rebelo, co-founder and director of GDX, comments: “Cloudify is a leading network and cloud orchestration platform in the industry, and we are proud to represent them. With our professional services offerings in the SDN/NFV & cloud space, combined with the superiority and flexibility of the Cloudify platform, GDX brings a powerful offering for those that are looking to automate their networks, whether migrating workloads to a multi-cloud hybrid environment, or telcos looking to orchestrate, manage and service chain virtual and physical network functions across their infrastructure.”