Technologies SA (BT-SA) is pleased to announce its new Asset Infrastructure Offering which ensures that enterprises not only have installation of infrastructure, but can procure the assets themselves from BT-SA.

Many businesses need to put relevant infrastructure in place, but may find that financing these projects pose a challenge. However, just like cars and other assets, infrastructure assets can also be financed.

“We understand that there are many businesses that are under financial pressure, but still need to put the right infrastructure in place. BT-SA is aware that projects of all kinds of sizes can be financed, ensuring that business not only continues, but flourishes,” says Isaac Mophathlane, Director of BT-SA.

Many organisations don’t take into account how the failure of infrastructure can detrimentally affect business. When catastrophe strikes outside of budget cycles, a severe strain is placed on available cash flow because not enough thought had been given to upgrading IT infrastructure in good time.

“We’ve seen this happen recently with load shedding impacting so many enterprises because they weren’t able to continue conducting business without electricity – and they hadn’t made provision for this eventuality timeously. This has knock on and far reaching consequences,” says Mophathlane.

With a good infrastructure plan in place, whether finance is needed for generators or data centres, the money would be available. The benefits of this include being able to work within capital budget  constraints, not having to shell out cash upfront and be able to make re-payment over 24 to 60 months.

“This means there’s no impact on the operational funding lines and fixed interest rates means budgeting is easier. Equipment and upgrade cost can easily bundled into one monthly payment. When infrastructure needs upgrading, it doesn’t mean that business needs to fail. With careful, thoughtful planning and getting the right finance in place, business not only gets to continue, but to thrive,” concludes Mophathlane.