Liberty has partnered with the Mindset Network to deliver Maths and Physical Science education to learners across South Africa using a mobile app – TenFold Education.

The app is available for download on Android and iOS and Android smartphones. It offers educational content and extra learning material for learners in grades 10 to 12.

“With a long history of delivering Maths and Physical Science skills, Liberty recognised that the way learners in high school absorb information has changed dramatically over the years. Mobile technology has reduced attention spans and increased the demand for short, informative pieces of information,” says Nomaxabiso Matjila, Liberty’s lead specialist for corporate social investment (CSI).

In the 1990’s millions of school children tuned into the Liberty Learning Channel to watch William Smith and other educators teach Maths and Physical Science in a studio, using a projector. While this format was relevant back then, the learning landscape today has completely evolved. “This partnership with Mindset Network is a much needed innovative evolution,” adds Matjila.

In addition to TenFold, there is a 60-minute interactive television show on DSTV Channel Mindset TV. It offers a full learning experience aligned to the CAPS curriculum, and is broadcast every day during school terms. The content on the TenFold App provides interactive nuggets of the same information, and houses hundreds of hours of instructional video resources, and exam style assessments.

Mindset’s CEO Dylan Green says: “The format of the TV show and the layout of the app are specifically designed to deliver pivotal educational information to the learners quickly, effectively and on demand in a medium they understand. Learning is not limited to classroom style teaching, as the app encourages engagement through interactive question and answer sessions, curriculum updates and much more right in the palms of the leaners’ hands.”

Promoting the development of Mathematics and Physical Science has always been a key driver behind Liberty’s corporate citizenship endeavours and addresses the need for highly-skilled professionals in the fields of sciences such as engineering, medical science and finance, among others and Maths and Physical Science are critical enablers for this.