Atomic Access, a Cape Town-based fibre-only service provider, has announced new FTTB packages on the Octotel fibre network, with pricing reduced by as much as 40%.

This follows a major pricing decrease from Octotel, which will take effect at the end of July 2019.

“These are some of the best value business fibre solutions available in South Africa today, with low latency, low set up cost, and quick installation times,” says Nicholas Soper, MD of Atomic.

A business can expect to pay R1499 per month for 50Mbps and R2999 per month for 200Mbps speeds. Octotel’s fibre network provides 1ms latency to Teraco and the NAP Africa exchange. Customers can expect 142ms latency to London.

Something new in the FTTB space is that all services have a month-to-month option. Atomic does not have any long term contracts, cancellation penalties or auto renewal clauses. “We want to empower South Africa’s SMBs with the opportunities that come with fast reliable internet,” says Soper.

“Atomic is different because we’re focused on small business, we’re fibre-only, we’re Cape Town-only and we’re only offering services on independent Open Access fibre networks. Not having any legacy technology allows us to keep things very simple and lean,” he adds.

Atomic’s symmetrical business fibre packages are aimed at the small and medium business market, but come with a number of enterprise features: 100% fibre network, with routing redundancy over 4 undersea cable systems, dual stack IPv4 and IPv6, and one business day repair SLA. All services come with static IPv4 addresses and a /48 of IPv6 addresses.

“Because the Octotel network traffic profile in highly under-utilised in office hours you always get full speeds. Combine this with a Unifi firewall and managed Wi-Fi mesh solution; a small business can have enterprise level connectivity at a fraction of what traditional dark fibre networks allow, with much higher speeds and reliability than ADSL,” Soper says.

“We like to say this is a new category of business fibre service: FTTsmB – or Fibre To The small/medium Business. You get all the benefits of fibre, at a great price, without the long installation timelines, long contracts and prohibitive installation costs people have become used to for traditional FTTB solutions. Using Octotel’s GPON technology for small business FTTB makes a lot of sense. If you are in a live area, we can have your business up and running with our FTTsmB solution in under two weeks,” he adds.