Pargo has announced Instant Click and Collect, a service that allows customers to instantly collect their orders at a Pargo Pick-up Point of their choice, without having to wait for the delivery of their order.

Pargo effectively allows companies to pre-ship and store their goods at selected pick-up points, so that these products are immediately available for collection when the customer places an order.

The service is built on the current Pargo platform and manages all communication and client tracking. It is available at any of the more than 2 000 Pargo Pick-up Points across the country, including Clicks, Lewis and Caltex stores.

Financial service provider The Unlimited is one of the companies making use of the service for its SIM cards. Customers order their SIM card via a call centre or online and instantly receive a collection notification and can walk into the Pargo Pick- up Point to collect, with no delay.

The added benefit of this service is that certain Pargo Points are open 24/7, meaning that collections can also be done at night or over the weekends.

Siddeek Rahim, MD of The Unlimited’s MVNO, says: “A seamless delivery experience, in which speed plays an essential role, is crucial for our business. Because our customers are situated all over the country, and not just in major centres, we have partnered with Pargo to offer our customers Instant Click and Collect and ensure that the service provided to our customers is effortless and in the shortest timeframe.”

“Delivery time is one of the most important factors that influences online shopping decisions. Speed and convenience are crucial when it comes to parcel delivery and there is a huge push for companies around the world to get parcels into their customer’s hands faster and more cost effectively,” says Lars Veul, CEO at Pargo.

“Leading ecommerce companies from Shanghai to New York are already offering one – to three-hour delivery options so we are extremely proud to have taken delivery time completely out of the equation. With Instant Click and Collect companies, can ensure their customers never have to wait for their delivery again.”