Kathy Gibson is at Dell Technologies Forum in Sandton – Technology should be there to help people work.

“So we think the people using software should be treated like first-class citizens,” says Terry Elkington, VMware sales engineer. “It is very frustrating for customers or employees if they can’t get to their applications.”

Organisations want to deploy as many devices as they can, but it takes almost seven day to deploy most devices. As a result 53% of IT leaders are struggling to keep up with the increasing diversity of devices. And up to 25% of administrators time is spent on monitoring and troubleshooting these devices.

“We need to bridge between consumerisation and security,” Elkington says. “People expect to get their device of choice, and be able to work with it.”

There is a world where IT managers can have insights into their deployments, where security enables collaboration, where automation simplifies management, and where intelligence informs the right support.

VMware’s Workspace One helps to deliver a unified experience for IT and end users.

Five elements are necessary to make up the intelligence driven digital workspace. These are experience, all apps, modern management, insights, and automation.

Workspace One is a platform that is unified with an intelligence and automation engine that manages policies, notification and operations. An identity broker enables single sign-on and condition access.

This all enables unified endpoint management powered by AirWatch, as well as desktop and app virtualisation powered by Horizon..

The platform is tied together vertically with an API framework that enables extensibility.

Elkington adds that VMware has a successful partnership with Microsoft, delivering joint value for Microsoft 365 and Windows Virtual Desktop users.