Seacom is expanding its CloudWorx cloud connectivity solutions.

CloudWorx is a versatile, private connectivity service for businesses that connects corporate customers directly to the leading cloud-service providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Until now, Seacom’s CloudWorx was primarily provisioned through the provider’s network interconnections with data centres in Europe and was exclusive to companies in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The revised and upgraded CloudWorx continues to provide low latency and secure access when connecting to cloud providers overseas, but now also includes access to public cloud networks and data centres located in South Africa – accomplished via Seacom’s presence in open-access Teraco Data Environments.

In addition, as Seacom extends its South African national network, CloudWorx will increasingly be available to corporate customers outside the country’s major metros.

The shift in scale of CloudWorx availability reflects Seacom’s growth as a connectivity and business solutions provider. Approved by regulatory authorities on 1 March, Seacom has acquired 100% of FibreCo Telecommunications, a national fibre network with infrastructure, connectivity services and over 60 points of presence across South Africa.

The FibreCo acquisition introduces over 4 700km of national fibre, in addition to Seacom’s pioneering subsea cable system connecting East Africa to South Africa, Europe and Asia. International capacity on the Seacom network is currently lit at 1,5Tbps and the South African national backbone is being upgraded to 1Tbps. Across the board, fibre access is uncontended and unshared to provide corporates with carrier-grade, scalable connectivity.

Robert Marston, Global Head of Product at Seacom, comments: “Through Seacom’s investments in undersea & terrestrial fibre, coupled with its interconnections with the major cloud providers both locally and internationally, Seacom has the highest-speed bandwidth, low-latency routing, and a comprehensive set of options to ensure its clients can make effective use of the cloud services in their businesses.”