July is savings month and, while tightening the belt on areas where one could spend less will set you in good stead, it is also a good time to reassess your insurance costs. What exactly are you paying and what are you paying for?

Insurance is an expense that should be reassessed annually to ensure that your valuables are not only properly covered, but that you’re getting value for money. Shop around, compare costs and evaluate what best fits your financial standing and your way of life. For example, if comprehensive cover is not relevant to you because you live in a digs or are renting, then itemised cover will be a better fit for your lifestyle.

App-based insurance provider Granadilla offers a multi-product discount which makes a difference to user premiums. Granadilla offers single item cover for smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, travel and more. With the multi-product discount, the more policies users add to their basket, the greater the saving. With each added policy, the discount stacks and it applies not just to that policy, but to all the policies in the user’s name.

When you add a second policy, the first discount is applied to your monthly premiums. With each additional policy you add, you get an additional 1% off all your premiums. The more policies you add, the more discount you get as it stacks. There is no limit, meaning you can insure as many items as you want and your discount increases with each new policy.

For example, if the user insures one item with Granadilla, they won’t be eligible for a discount. If they add more items, they will get 1% discount for each new policy, meaning they can insure 20 items and enjoy 19% discount on their monthly premiums for all of those policies.

With Granadilla, the sign-up process is slick, simple and fast. It uses a bot called Nandi to effortlessly guide users through the cover process and help to determine the ideal premium.