Fujitsu has announced enhancements to its high-productivity cloud platform RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, designed to lift organizations ahead of their competitors by speeding up and simplifying the development of digital transformation projects.

The WebModeler is the latest component from Fujitsu for its proven RunMyProcess DigitalSuite workflow automation and web process innovation platform. With fully-customisable web interfaces and the ability to optimize all design components, from layout to elements and data sources, it enables customers to respond better to disruptive market situations.

The new module allows enterprises to craft RunMyProcess DigitalSuite applications faster and create better, more effective user interfaces. It simplifies and accelerates the design of web interfaces and delivers a new, powerful, uprated experience for RunMyProcess DigitalSuite users, with a clean and fresh, user-tested interface and drag-and-drop functionality. Developers can also test and verify web interfaces before release via a new preview mode, plus new features for developing and deploying digital transformation projects.

For RunMyProcess DigitalSuite developers, the introduction of WebModeler boosts productivity by reducing the time to complete a solution. This higher productivity also means reduced development costs with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, meaning that customers can compete more effectively and adapt faster to the fast-changing demands of digital business.

Productivity and usability are further enhanced with important characteristics to make the module robust and easily accessible to developers. WebModeler has extremely high code stability and is based on React.js, an Open Source JavaScript library initially developed by Facebook for building user interfaces, and used by other major platforms such as Instagram and Netflix. This provides a strong development community for accessible transition for new developers – there are more than 1,100 React.js contributors on GitHub and an active community of developers on significant platforms such as StackOverflow, Slack, Freenode IRC.

The new module also includes a powerful toolkit to make development fast and straightforward. React.js benefits from high-quality debugging and design tools, downloadable browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox and downloadable React Developer Tools. In addition, WebModeler provides improved messaging about functions, as well as fully-integrated help and documentation.

Hiroshi Yazawa, CEO at Fujitsu RunMyProcess, comments: “There is no let-up in the ferocity of competition faced by all organizations and the introduction of this new WebModeler module for RunMyProcess DigitalSuite emphasizes the importance we attach to helping our customers raise productivity and to facilitating excellent user experiences.

“The launch demonstrates our continuing investment in RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to provide customers with optimized tools for digital transformation projects and the means to thrive in a world of disrupted markets. Throughout 2019, we will continue to roll out further improvements and enhancements of the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite product family.”