South African IT distributor Blue Label Technology Distribution (BLTD) is showing organisations up to 200% return on investment in print infrastructure management.

Its serverless printing software as a service enables mobile printing, secure release printing, printer driver auto-download and boasts many other advanced features that legacy print management applications can’t provide.

Much of the convenience and saving is created by PrinterLogic’s PrinterCloud, built to enable enterprise management for the small to medium business market – enabling agnostic print driver management and eliminating the need for print servers.

Managed service providers especially are seeing strong gains in decreased helpdesk calls and support callouts and substantial savings in deployment time and costs. A massive 91% of customers deploy the solution within a month and two-thirds in just five days.

Customers have the added benefit of reducing actual print costs. It’s estimated that one-fifth of print jobs are never collected from the printer. Thousands of rands are wasted daily on paper and consumables across organisations, not to mention the added security risk of abandoned print jobs getting into the wrong hands.

The most notable deployment in South Africa has been at the City of Cape Town, which last year joined more than 1 500 customers in over 120 countries in consolidating print servers for more secure and efficient print performance and management.

With 22 000 users across 632 sites and 140 print servers, the municipality managed to consolidate into one on-premise web-based administrator console and eliminate single points of failure, resulting in a drastic increase in productivity and uptime.

“We’ve set out to bring a simple, enterprise-ready solution to printing which enhances convenience and security at the same time. By implementing printing in the cloud and using software as a service, service providers and customers are benefiting equally with cost savings and productivity gains,” says Ricky Correia, GM of BLTD.

“We are confident that organisations of all sizes, either through their managed service provider (MSP) or directly from their IT department, can save on helpdesk and support costs, as well as eliminate print servers, and do all of that from one single view,” Correia adds.

PrinterLogicʼs PrinterCloud for MSPs is a zero-footprint, cloud-based solution that offers feature parity with PrinterLogicʼs proven on-premise software, an enterprise-grade print management solution that is infinitely scalable and incredibly cost effective. The enterprise-grade hardware asset management solution provides a comprehensive view of IT assets at any stage within their lifecycle, while also tracking lease, warranty and financial data to ensure assets are optimised and secured.