From intra-office meetings to talking to clients, corporations are built on an invisible network of collaboration. This network forms the core of business relationships and communications and connects the entire supply chain, without which, most businesses would be unable to operate.

Even a small glitch in this network can cost participating parties millions in losses due to being unable to share crucial information at the right time.

According to a report by conference call provider, LoopUp, many conference calls are fraught with distractions and technology challenges that cost businesses over $34-billion a year.

Therefore, most organisations incorporate expensive systems and practices to ensure the right information is communicated at the right time. These systems include resource-consuming physical meetings, unreliable video conferencing or traditional phone calls.

Keen to increase workplace productivity and save invaluable resources, Lenovo has introduced the ThinkSmart Hub 500, an all-in-one collaboration platform that can be used for maximum efficiency, comfort and reliability.

The ThinkSmart Hub 500 can eliminate time lost due to technical issues during meetings and provide a desirable working environment for a conference call or meeting. Pre-configured for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business or Zoom Rooms, it facilitates all communication software. Moreover, its movable touchscreen display helps attendees around the table to record their input and structure plans in realtime.

Its 360-degree microphone array and Dolby(r) Audio premium sound keep the conversation clear, while an innovative cable management system helps eliminate cable clutter to provide a seamless experience.

Additionally, the cable management door locks, to secure physical ports and prevent cables from being accidentally disconnected. With audio and video capabilities, users can simple press a button to initiate the meeting with ease and efficiency.

As a total business solution, the ThinkSmart Hub 500 can easily be placed in an office of any size providing everyone with a consistent, seamless experience, whether they’re calling from a room across the street or across the globe.

The ThinkSmart Hub 500 is enabled with ThinkShield – Lenovo’s industry-leading suite of security solutions – which protects privacy and data. It also comes preloaded with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise software to provide intelligent enterprise-grade protection, while the Intel vPro processor helps maintain remote devices.

As more businesses in the region work towards creating a more productive work environment, technology has the potential to become an accelerator for efficiency and creativity. With Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Hub 500, organizations are empowered with the ability to connect with fellow employees and stakeholders seamlessly, providing more time to concentrate on building relations and meeting their business objectives.