To provide more routine hardware service, or’remote’ diagnostic activities under closesupervision

Manage Configurations:

– Continuously use appropriate operating systems, hardware, tools and/or paper documentation to maintain the configuration management system, including the configuration management database (CMDB)

– Configuration items (CIs) are available for use by all authorised personnel.

– Effectively investigate all defects and problems and report the outcome (i.e. clearance, cancellation or concession) against the C Is.

– Necessary data is available for use by those performing investigations and ensuing actions.
– Continuously control and document the analysis, implementation, review and test of proposed changes to all C Is and structures and link to defects as well as report problems where applicable.

– Control and document the re-release of changed items as and when required Coordinate Computer


– Successfully perform the full range of defined tasks associated with operating and controlling of installed hardware and software on a continual basis

– Ensure that the use of multiple hardware and software platforms is possible.

– Supervise and instruct less experienced employees in all aspects of current and correct operational practice.

– All tasks and procedures are carried out effectively and efficiently to agreed levels of service or specific requirements of service level agreements.

– Accurately use the available software or specialist monitoring tools to maintain awareness and control of the hardware and software.

– Identify and rectify a broad range of operational exceptions and error conditions

– Unexpected or extraordinary events or incidents are dealt with in a sensible and responsible way. Where these actions necessitate modification, restriction or complete removal of resources or services available, communications are directed to users, specialists and others, using appropriate methods, to inform and escalate if necessary.

– Simple user enquiries are addressed, escalating those which need specialist or management attention

– User enquiries are addressed a broad range of problems of moderate complexity are dealt with effectively, only escalating those which need specialist or management attention

Provide first level support to Junior Customer Engineers

Install Hardware
Support and assist users

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