Saicom Voice Services has added a data management solution to its evolving product stack, driven it says, by customer demand for services that are customisable to local business requirements and realities.

“Our clients have come to rely on us for customisable solutions that deliver best-of-breed capabilities, and our data management solution is no different. We bring a customer-first, consultative engagement approach to our data management offering that goes beyond just back-up,” says Josh Grunewald, cloud hosting manager at Saicom Voice Services.

The company believes that, while backup is a critical business requirement, it is only as good as the last restore, and that the key to successful data management, is understanding what you can do with your business data.

Says Grunewald: “We wanted to make sure that our clients are clear on how their data can be used to make their businesses better through testing in non-production environments; mitigate risks by eliminating ransomware in backed up data and using that to restore production environments.”

Grunewald adds that, before embarking on data management Saicom works with clients to develop a plan that addresses issues like when and how data is backed up, how often it is accessed and managed once backed up, how they are planning on using their data, and most importantly, how quickly they want or need to be able to restore data.

“The plan should be a blueprint for the organisation and should not be seen as just an insurance policy in the event of data loss or corruption, but as an opportunity to test, run reports and do integrity checks in isolated environments,” adds Grunewald.

Saicom data management is built on Veeam Software capabilities, and is backed by technical support services and data management engineers.