Bidvest Mobility, established as a result of the merger between MakeMeMobile and Bartrans on 1 March 2019, launched its new website last week, marking the completion of the integration process of the two companies.

Colin Adendorff, CEO of Bidvest Data, Print and Packaging, part of The Bidvest Group, comments: “We are proud that the combined skills, expertise, solutions and services now make Bidvest Mobility one of largest specialized mobile computing and barcoding solution providers in South Africa.

“The integration journey has been a great success and a relatively smooth process. Both companies have combined offices and moved onto a single ERP system. We have retained staff members and key skills during the merger so it’s been a beneficial time for everyone.”

Simon Grisdale, managing executive of Bidvest Mobility, adds: “What has been rewarding to witness is the complementary nature of MakeMeMobile’s and Bartrans’ offering, and the added value that each entity has brought to the merger – Bartrans’ customers who were mostly hardware based are now deploying MakeMeMobile’s solutions, and MakeMeMobile’s customers are enjoying a broader choice of leading barcoding and mobile computing technologies.”

Andrew Fosbrook, executive of Bidvest Mobility says the company has been very well received not only by the industry – existing, new and potential customers – but also by Bidvest companies, who all understand the new value proposition, and are excited by the combination of entrepreneurial ethos and the group’s leverage.

This has been evidenced by the ongoing support of customers placing some large contracts recently and companies in the Bidvest Group signing up for mobile computing and barcoding solutions to help them unlock productivity and increase efficiencies in their supply chains.

Adendorff stresses the importance of Bidvest Mobility’s offering not only to the group but to the industry at large, where barcode and mobile computing has the potential of adding a key differentiator to local and multinational firms wanting to increase efficiencies, productivity, management transparency and profits across their supply chains in global challenging economic conditions.