Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa has been appointed as a Check Point distributor for the sub-Saharan African region.

The appointment highlights further expansion of the Westcon-Comstor Security Solutions portfolio, providing its resellers across sub-Saharan Africa access to Check Point’s growing range of fifth generation security management solutions and products.

“The success of the future business is built on trust between business, customers, people and technology,” says Tidiane Lo, Westcon director at Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa. “However, the growing scourge of cyber-attacks and businesses inability to create a balance between the explosion of digital applications, devices and people, means this trust is fragile.

“As an industry we need to position and bring the most robust security solutions that cross the needs of both humans and technology to the fore.

“Check Point’s industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware, and other related cyber-attacks is perfectly positioned to help our resellers implement the defences needed to rebuild this trust.”

With its multilevel security architecture, Check Point’s solutions provide enterprises with security that defends applications, data, and systems across various technologies including cloud and mobile.

The Check Point CloudGuard SaaS, Public and Private IaaS solutions are revolutionising how business protect their assets in the cloud, using dynamic scalability, intelligent provisioning, and consistent control across physical and virtual networks. Through its integration into all the major hyperscalers, including AWS, Azure, Google, VMware, Oracle, and Alibaba Cloud, ensures advanced data and application protection in a multi-cloud deployment.

The addition to the Westcon-Comstor Security Solutions portfolio allows resellers to draw from a comprehensive suite of complimentary products and management solutions that provide security from deep within an organisation’s virtualised environment, to the edge, including the cloud and mobile devices. Resellers can also tap into Westcon-Comstor’ s unique range of digital distribution capabilities, global logistics facilities, training and professional services, and cloud-based technical knowledge of its inhouse security professionals.

“Our position in the security industry and our experience working with leading vendors continues to highlight that no environment is immune to cyber-attacks. The reality is that threat actors continue to develop new tool sets and techniques which they use to target corporate assets in the cloud, on mobile devices, email platforms and more. The growth of digital applications and cloud usage in Africa is creating an array of opportunities for cyber criminals,” adds Lo.

“Through the partnership with Westcon-Comstor, we have the opportunity to work together to help their customers better overcome modern cyber security threats, as well as jointly grow our coverage across the region,” says Pankaj Bhula, regional director for Africa at Check Point Software Technologies.