Our DevOps Engineers are responsible for building, operating, and securing the platform. We enable and support a culture of DevOps so that the development teams get more for free, and are enabled to move faster, safer.

We are a fast growing company, which means that there is a lot of opportunity to shape the tools, technologies, process, and culture of DevOps in the company.

The position reports to the DevOps Team Lead
Your daily work will involve:

– Terraform to manage Cloud Infrastructure, Chef to manage virtual servers
– Building and deploying systems for metrics, monitoring, and logging
– Operations for Kafka, Kubernetes, Nginx, Memcache, and more
– CI/CD Build Systems to ensure our teams can deploy frequently and safely
– Hardening servers, and building security into the platform
– Developing automation so we can focus on the hard problems
– Developing glue code to extend or integrate systems

o achieve this, we’re looking for someone that:

– Is passionate about technology, keeping up to date with the industry, always learning
– Is a team player, an active listener, and is able to communicate well
– Shows solid reasoning and decision making, with the ability to work under pressure
– Has experience managing production systems
– Has either a degree in computer science, or industry experience
– Has a reasonable understanding of Networking (TCP, UDP, IP)
– Has experience with Linux administration (Processes, Networking, Disks, Security)
– Has experience with one configuration management system (Chef, Puppet, Ansible)

We would also like to see at least one of the following in the candidate:

– Can write code (we use Python)
– Have experience with Google Cloud, or another cloud provider (architecture, operations)
– Have experience managing Kubernetes Clusters (certificates, users, kubeadm, etc)
– Understand networking deeply (tcp/ip, calico/weave, vlans, tcpdump, etc)
– Understand Linux deeply (kernel tuning, proc filesystem, cgroups, os scheduling, etc)
– Have experience with Build Systems (Jenkins, Gitlab, Spinnaker)


– 3 year computer science degree (or equivalent experience)
– At least 2 years of professional experience
– An understanding of computer science fundamentals, including linux and operating systems, networking
– Solid grasp of development fundamentals such as data structures and algorithms

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